4 Purposeful Painting Style

“Determine the level and style of the way you paint”

There are 4 major attributes that will determine the level and style of the way you paint:
1. Research
2. Study
3. Dedication
4. Identity

1. Research
Know your craft, research constantly and always ask why! If after a long time of being a painter you notice that your art still looks the same, and you do not feel it is at the level you wish for it to be, the answer lies in learning. Find a good mentor, research online, buy books or join a class or a course that is highly regarded. Learning a technique to paint a specific object is wrong. If you learn to paint a specific tree, what will happen if you want to paint a different type of tree? When learning the right way, you learn to paint EVERYTHING. To start with, focus on accuracy of the form AND correct brightness values. When doing it right, you will have a satisfying result. Do not forget to leave lines out of your drawing or painting; use them only as guidelines to create your form. Research is evolving.

2. Study
The amount of hours you put into your craft is, arguably, the most important factor. The more you will practice the better your art will be. Usually, it takes years to master any craft. There are no shortcuts, but if not combined with learning, the process will be longer. Practice makes perfect! In addition, while practicing, you will learn a lot, sometimes even by accident. Or, as Bob Ross used to say: "We don't make mistakes; we just have happy accidents".

3. Dedication
When you have a strong desire for painting you will find the time to practice, you will be eager to learn and you will start looking at the world in a painter's eye. If your personal taste is for fine art in a realistic style but you do not feel that your passion is strong enough, check out other accomplished painters for inspiration. Find artists you like online or follow them on your favorite social network. Looking at beautiful art will give you the appetite to create your own masterpiece. If they can, so can you!

4. Identity
Your Personality determines your style. Some people have the character to draw or paint for hours and hours daily and pay attention to every little detail. Others are more interested in the big picture (for example, composition) or in a loose style. If you are a beginner, you might want to read my guide for still life composition-drawing. We all have our own personality and a lifetime of influences. Since each one of us is unique, the way we paint and the subjects we choose to paint are unique to us. ANYBODY can learn to draw or paint as long as you are willing to learn and practice.

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Pamela Reis, is a born Artist and a Graphic Designer, expert free hand painter for 12years. Believes that creativity knows no limits and loves using various stuff such as pyrography, brushes, digital illustration, etc. to showcase her creativity. Her hand painted artwork won The Gnarly Magazine Tank Art Contest #2019. Along with art, she is passionate for music as well, combination of art and music together, formed - The Papeel, where her creativity expresses freedom as she works with combination of various techniques to get the best for you.

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