5 Psychological reasons why people buy expensive art

“Feelings are one of the many reasons that people want to own art.”

There are a lot of reasons that people would like to own artwork but did you now that most of those reasons are purely psychological reasons. There is no real reason that people would want to own art. It serves no function around the house, all it does is sit and look pretty, so what is the need to have stuff that looks pretty? The want, or the ‘need’ to own art is strictly psychological.

One could imply that they like the artwork they have chosen because it makes them feel a certain way. Either it makes them happy, or nostalgic, but even if you are getting a feeling from your artwork, that is your brain working. Feelings, or emotions, are a psychological thing. Artwork makes you feel a certain way because it is meant to target certain areas of your brain. In fact, feelings are one of the many reasons that people want to own art.

The top 5 reasons people want to own artwork:

1. Desire
Art makes people happy. It has also been known to bring forth feelings of anger and sadness. It can make someone feel like they are back in their mother’s kitchen while their mom is baking cookies, or it can make you relive your worst moments in time. Some people buy and keep art because it makes them feel a certain way. Have you ever just looked at a piece of art and said: ‘I need that because it makes me feel like this…’? That is a psychological reaction. When art makes you remember something or makes you feel a certain way because of its theme or colors, you want that piece of art because it makes you feel that way.

2. Money
Some people do not even care about the art they are purchasing when they purchase it. Some people only care about what they can gain from purchasing the artwork they have. When these people are buying art, they are thinking about whether it will gain value or decrease. They wonder if they can sell it and make a profit quickly or slowly, and how much of a profit they can make. Some art is strictly sold for the profit it can make. Now, some people would say this is not psychological, however, the need to always have money or have something that you are able to sell for money is a psychological need. People who are like this understand that it is always going to take money or something of value to survive. In a way, purchasing art that will fetch a hefty sum later is a survival instinct.

3. Reputation
Some people want to own art strictly because it makes them look a certain way. This is a psychological need as well. Wanting to look good for others or have people who are higher in social standing than you like something you have is a huge accomplishment. The more expensive the art, the more praise they are fed. If they have artwork from certain artists, like Renoir or Picasso, they have clout. Artwork has the ability to make people more socially acceptable. Most people just want to fit in somewhere, and art can help them to do this.

4. Love of art
For some people purchasing art for the love of the work is enough. These pieces may not even be super-expensive works, they might not get the highest price or even be created by someone popular. When someone really loves a piece of artwork and just has to have it, they are fulfilling the psychological need of wanting.

5. Making statements
Some people like to keep art because it makes a statement. A lot of this art is controversial, and people strictly own it to be different. While some art is meant to make people more socially acceptable, some art is meant to make people feel uncomfortable. It is meant to make people question things. This is fulfilling the psychological need to be heard. Some people do not have loud voices or are not well versed in public speaking or writing. Some people are artistically inclined and make their statements that way. People buy their work because they feel the same way as the artist, like the point needs to be heard.

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