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“Imaginations don't wait for that perfect moment. It styles its own flawless moments out of usual ones.”

Texture is known as the way a surface feels, or the way it’s supposed to feel. It has the influence to entice or reduce an onlooker’s attention. Texture can be applied to lines, shapes and forms.

Texture are basically of two types:

Tactile textures and Visual textures.
1. Tactile textures are three-dimensional textures and can be perceived by the sense of touch. It is also known as actual textures. The most common sample you often see is tree bark. When you touch bark, you can feel all the bumps and edges, the unevenness and flatness.

2. Visual Texture is not noticeable by our sense of touch, but by our sense of vision. It is also known as implied texture. A picture of the same tree bark is a visual texture. It creates the imprint of an actual texture on a two-dimensional surface. You can see it, not feel it.

Many textures seem to reoccur the same theme. When a theme is recurring over and over again in a surface. It becomes a pattern. Patterns are often used in fashion design or textile design, where certain themes are repeatedly used to create artistic patterns on cloth. (1)

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1. http://www.wcs.k12.mi.us/cousino/wcsart/art%20foundatons%20site/texture.html

Papeel Arts - Pamela Reis

Hand Painted | Paintbrush

Pamela Reis, is a born Artist and a Graphic Designer, expert free hand painter for 12years. Believes that creativity knows no limits and loves using various stuff such as pyrography, brushes, digital illustration, etc. to showcase her creativity. Her hand painted artwork won The Gnarly Magazine Tank Art Contest #2019. Along with art, she is passionate for music as well, combination of art and music together, formed - The Papeel, where her creativity expresses freedom as she works with combination of various techniques to get the best for you.

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