Elements of Design - Value

“Good logic is the foremost enemy of creativity.”

Value is a design component that refers to the relationship between light and dark on an object or surface. Value is also denoted to as quality when noting black and white images.

Value is generated by a light source that gleams on an object generating highlights and shadows. It also brightens the general or real colour of the focus. Value generates deepness within a portrait making an object appear to be three dimensional with highlights and shadows.

Various value associations produce various effects, both pictorial and sensitive. When the slender array of values, which is also known as low contrast, is used in the design, it induces an expressive response from the onlooker. The expressive response is changed when the design has an extensive range of values, or high contrast.

The range of values from black to white is the tonal range presented to a designer. The skill to use that range efficiently lets the designer regulate the mood of an image and create and control the environment. (1)

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1. http://www.wcs.k12.mi.us/cousino/wcsart/art%20foundatons%20site/value.html

Papeel Arts - Pamela Reis

Hand Painted | Paintbrush

Pamela Reis, is a born Artist and a Graphic Designer, expert free hand painter for 12years. Believes that creativity knows no limits and loves using various stuff such as pyrography, brushes, digital illustration, etc. to showcase her creativity. Her hand painted artwork won The Gnarly Magazine Tank Art Contest #2019. Along with art, she is passionate for music as well, combination of art and music together, formed - The Papeel, where her creativity expresses freedom as she works with combination of various techniques to get the best for you.

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