Great Paintings

“A picture is not just a picture, it’s a philosophy.”

Here is a list of few great paintings of the golden era, that have inspired mortality.

1. The Jewish Bride
Is a painting by Rembrandt, painted c. 1665 - 1669. It’s a painting of mesmerising uncertainty. It is a tender portrayal of human love. ‘The Jewish Bride’ got its existing name in the first 19th century, when an Amsterdam art collector recognized the subject as that of a Jewish father giving a necklace to his daughter on her wedding day. This clarification is no longer acknowledged, and the identity of the couple is undefined. The painting is in the eternal collection of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. (1)

2. Liberty Leading the People
Is a painting by Eugène Delacroix honouring the Uprising of 1830, which collapsed King Charles X of France. The painting portrays the Romantic ideals of the French revolution showing a woman of the people with a Phrygian cap humanizing the concept of Liberty principals a diverse group of people forward over a barrier and the bodies of the fallen, holding the flag of the French Revolution – the tricolour flag, which again became France's national flag after these events. The French government bought it in 1830, but it was kept sequestered for many years since it was considered too provocative. (2)

3. L'Estaque
Is a painting by a French artist and Post-Impressionist painter Paul Cezanne in 1883-1885, whose work laid the foundations of the transition. (3)

4. Poppies in a Field
Painted by one of the great impressionist painters. Claude Monet in the Impressionist period (1886) This wonderful rural scene captures the spirit of how the impressionists took the beauty and simplicity of landscape. (4)

5. The Fighting Temeraire
Is an oil painting by the English artist Joseph Mallord William Turner, painted in 1838 The painting depicts a captivating scene of how Turner represented sunlight on the sea. (5)

Let us know what is your favourite art.

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