How to Pick the Right Kind of Paint

“Pick the right kind of paint for your work”

Especially if you had kids and pets, you already know that there is no paint that is completely bulletproof. There are, however, some types of paint that are just going to be better than others. Here’s how to pick the right kind of paint for your work:

1. Price is often a good way to determine quality.
Cheaper paint is made with cheaper ingredients, making it less durable and the color payoff far less likely once it is on your work. Better paint will have less filler (water) and higher quality titanium oxide and resin. This means more paint with each stroke and a higher quality finish when the paint is dry.

2. Choose water-based paints.
While oil-based paint has long been the standard, it is harder to clean up and does not wear as well as water-based paints. There are only a few situations in which oil-based is a better idea, but water-based will wear longer and better.

3. Get a little sheen.
Paint with a slight sheen is going to be easier to clean than completely matte paint, which has a rougher surface and is more likely to wear away when scrubbed. Especially if you have young children and dogs, choose a paint with at least a little shine to it.

4. Consider color.
Besides the paint base and its level of sheen, color is the most important aspect of your paint. Brighter colors will wear worse than more muted colors. Lighter colors are less likely to burnish tan darker colors. That said, don’t feel limited to beige or gray—greens, blues, pinks, and yellows are all good options.
Use these tips to help you pick the right kind of paint for any kind of your work!


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Pamela Reis, is a born Artist and a Graphic Designer, expert free hand painter for 12years. Believes that creativity knows no limits and loves using various stuff such as pyrography, brushes, digital illustration, etc. to showcase her creativity. Her hand painted artwork won The Gnarly Magazine Tank Art Contest #2019. Along with art, she is passionate for music as well, combination of art and music together, formed - The Papeel, where her creativity expresses freedom as she works with combination of various techniques to get the best for you.

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