Painting Styles

“The art of splashing colors with brushes to create an art is Painting.”

Any surface that is digital i.e on computers or manual space with colors, paints and brushes- can be painted. Painting constitutes with various materials like- paper, clay, sand and many more. Artists don’t restrict their ideas to certain materials and channels as Painting is all about creativity, it is a never-ending process. As it lets an artist to create his / her art with combination abstract, modern and imagination- the modern style of painting is most popularly practiced, even though there are various styles of painting like- abstract art, conceptual art, hyperrealism, pop art, futurism, impressionism and many more. As an artist, you can create single styles or a blend of various styles according to your imagination.

Here are Various styles of painting:

1. Oil Paintings:
This can be a tough job for beginners. Oil painting is appropriate for all painting styles. It lets you work with wonderful scent and smooth texture of paint. It is made up of drying oil as binder to the pigments, giving it smooth and buttery feel. (1) Oil paintings were first used in 5th century, but became popular in 15th century. (2)

2. Water Color Paintings:
Painting that usually done on paper is water color painting. Water based solutions are used to mix the colors, hence the name goes – Water color paints. Many Artists nowadays use water colors to give realistic looks to the portraits. Too much of anything can change the color shade, hence mixing proper colors is most important task here. (3)

3. Pastel Paintings:
Pastel Paintings are usually created from pastel sticks. You can instantly draw and color using pastel sticks. If you are looking depth and purity in colors, using pastel sticks are suggested. You can pastel paint on canvas with beautiful color layers. (4)

4. Acrylic Paintings:
Acrylic Paints are fast drying paints. These are water soluble and water-resistant paints. The hobbyists love working with acrylic paints for sculptures, molds, facial features etc. Also, brushes can be cleaned easily after using these paints as only water is the need to clean them. (5)

5. Digital Paintings:
The artwork that you creating using a computer is known as digital painting. It is similar to water color, acrylic and also oil painting. There is lot of difference between digital painting and manually created painting. Color shades and various other textures and features are easily accessible through a computer and also, you can do it in most comfortable way at your homes unlike standing for long hours or worrying about color spilling. (6)

6. Sand Paintings:
Sand Painting is messy and momentary act. It is created using color sand moved around fixed surface with hands. The sand painting has various names in various countries. (7)

7. Texture Paintings:
The final dramatic effect a painting gets through brush strokes, knifes or other blunt objects creating textures is texture painting. (8)

8. Matte Paintings:
Matte Paintings are usually used for creating beautiful landscapes that are widely used in film and video game industry. Sometimes when building environments like fairytales becomes expensive, Matte paintings are used as backgrounds and later merged with other footages. (9)

9. Spray Paintings:
In Spray painting, Paints are sprayed for bottle to achieve the desired results. This kind of art is used on streets (street art), graffiti, canvas, wood, metal, glass, ceramic etc. (10)

10. The Graffiti Art:
Graffiti art is mostly done on public buildings with/without permissions. Graffiti is a style of writing or drawing/scribbling which has no complete meaning. It became a mature painting practice in 1980s, and many artists used public walls to showcase their talent. (11)

11. Ink wash Paintings:
Ink Wash Painting is also known as Literati Painting. Chinese black ink which is quite popular in the Asian countries since it's typically used for calligraphy, is used to create these artworks where Several shades of black are formed by mixing water to the black ink to create the desired evenness. (12)

12. Encaustic paintings:
Encaustic painting is also known as Hot wax painting. The procedure used here is melting beeswax and adding to color pigments. This technique uses both hot and cold beeswax. Encaustic paintings are typically created on a wood canvas. (13)

13. Fresco Secco Paintings - Wall painting technique
Fresco secco paintings are generally created on a fresh lime plaster. The color pigments are mixed water solution and straight away applied on the lime plaster, to create a permanent painting. Fresco secco paintings are since the renaissance period and can be viewed in the Vatican walls and ceilings. (14)

14. The Gouache:
Dense watercolor medium used with other binding agents to create art is Gouache. A white chalk or white color is added to the water color mixture to get the opacity in the Gouache technique. (15)

15. Tempera paintings:
Tempera paintings are also known as egg tempera art. These paints dry fast and lasts long. This is one of the oldest painting techniques. Instead of eggs, sometimes, gum, glycerin, casein is used as a binding agent to the blend of water and colors. (16)

16. Enamel paintings:
Enamel paints are those that glossy or shiny look after they are completely dried. (17)

17. Drip Painting:
As the name goes, paint is dripped on the canvas to create drip paintings. (18)

18. Layer Paintings:
Before more layers, a base layer is added to the canvas and created beautiful underpaintings. (19)

19. Panel Paintings:
Panel paintings are created on several pieces of wood and combined together. (20)

20. Velvet Paintings:
Painting that is generally created on a piece of velvet cloth, is known velvet painting. (21)

21. Leaf Paintings:
Creating leaf like shapes or painting on a leaf can both be called as leaf painting. (22)

22. Glass Paintings:
Painting on a glass and the picture is visible on looking through the glass, is known as glass painting. (23)

23. Miniature Paintings:
Miniature paintings are little handmade paintings. (24)

24. Action Painting:
Action Painting is a fast, natural painting with direct brushstrokes on the canvas. The drips of paint lead to a beautiful effect. (25)

25. The Anamorphosis:
The Anamorphosis is also known as perspective painting that requires the viewer to occupy a specific point, use special devices or both to view a recognizable image. (26)

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