Types of Painting Styles

“Painting or the history behind it may be impressive.”

. However, it be, painting is all about allowing your inner creativity on piece of canvas, that will be completely liberating and letting you to explore. The art of painting is evolving continually. The way artists imagine scenarios and depict it onto the canvas is varying. The use of colors is getting intricate and the way thoughts are demonstrated on the canvas is getting even more complicated. For any beginner, it might be tough to get used to the different practices and styles the artists follow in creating paintings. Here are some of the common painting styles artists follow today.

Based on Styles, paintings can be broadly classified into two:

1. The western style paintings

2. The eastern style paintings

Here are Various Types of Painting Styles classified under Western Style and Eastern Style:

1. The Western Style Paintings:
In today’s art, the western style paintings are most usually followed.

Paintings that come under western style family are:

a. Modernism:
Modernism is an essential way of thinking by artists of 1860 to 1970 era, with no restrictions set by traditional techniques. (1)

b. Abstract:
Abstract painting is an actual creation of deep thought. It can be classified as an abstract art when it depicts anything but not in real form. Objects on canvas shows either shapes and or colors, you will never find any real lie objects or humans and animals there. The colors simple show the emotions and shapes represent objects. A simple shape can do marvels. (2)

c. Impressionism:
The structures of impressionism are thin brush strokes, common and normal subjects, unfamiliar angles etc. This form originated in late 19th century in Paris. Outdoor sets of landscapes and even streets became sceneries for impressionist painters. In impressionist paintings color black is rarely used, other colors were blend and used. An Artist is very acute about right colors and reflection for every object. Natural lighting is given more importance. Impressionist paintings were even considered as a substitute to photography, which then required the extravagance of colors. (3)

d. Cubism:
“Everything in nature takes its form from the sphere, the cone, and the cylinder.” Was once said by a famous artist Paul Cezanne. Cubism was derived for this foundation. Geometrical objects play a vital role in abstract form of cubism and final art will be a result of mixture of actual form of the object and some geometrical shape. (4)

e. Surrealism:
There are touches of abstract art in surrealism even though it is not the clearest form of abstract painting. Including many forms of visual artwork and writings, this movement developed in early 20th century. Paintings of course became huge part of this movement. Comparison and placing two abstract concepts together, is extra feature of Surrealistic paintings. (5)

2. The Eastern Style Paintings:
Paintings that come under eastern style family are:

a. The Chinese Painting Style:
The oldest creative tradition in the world is Chinese painting that includes techniques used in Calligraphy. The artists use colored inks for painting on paper, silk etc. Ink & wash painting, are broadly used techniques. The first procedure uses thorough and exact brush strokes while the other is the common watercolor painting.

The artists don’t just draw the presence of an object. They capture the soul of that object, the energy inside the spirit. This is what makes Chinese paintings unique. They make less use of excessive and vibrant colors. (6)

b. Japanese Painting Style:
Japanese art amaze you. Just looking at it makes you feel its charm, simplicity and fluency can greatly make you want it. But if you try to study about Japanese painting, you will be in confusion. Being unfamiliar with Japanese terms will make you find this art not so easy. Japanese painting is influenced from Chinese, other eastern and western art.

Japanese painting art has its thoughts and styles. ‘Suibokuga’ is school of art, where artists use only black ink for painting. The kind of paintings Japanese artists produced using only black ink would astonish any world-class artist. This art is derived from Chinese art and Buddhism. (7)

c. Indian Painting Style:
Being enormously assorted in culture, Indian painting tradition are diverse as well. Indian painting is mostly a direct outcome of traditions and changing life styles over the years. You will find Indian rock paintings dating back to as early as 5500 BC. The caves of Ajanta and Ellora are famous for its mural paintings. In modern times, there is only one dominant style in Indian art painting. That is the Bengal School style of painting. (8)

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