Canvas Artwork Prints

Canvas prints are classy!

There are mainly four types of Canvas Artwork Prints. The basic one printed on printing paper, the medium one printed on synthetic archival type paper and the high-quality ones printed on canvas. And then there are even more expensive options in metal and acrylic. We print on Paper, although, we can accommodate prints on the other 3 materials too. The textured finish of Canvas Artwork Prints will make your wall painterly. The canvas prints are based on advanced inkjet printing and they look almost like original paintings. The textured look and the matte coating reflect less light and as a result, a glare-free view similar to that of an original painting.

Canvas Artwork Prints are the highest quality of art reproductions available. We use high-quality ink and high-quality photo papers, these types of art prints offer an accurate reproduction of original art. If one keeps an original painting and canvas print side by side, one won’t quickly recognise a canvas print – it’s how perfect these are!

At Papeel, we provide Canvas Artwork Prints which are an easy and affordable way to change the look of your walls. You can decorate your home with canvas prints mainly in two ways. Either by framing it as you normally do or by stretching it on to a wooden frame.

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